Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hook 'em horns

You know you are becoming a Texans if:
1. You own a burnt orange piece of clothing. Who would normally wear this color?
2. You know the words to the Texas anthem...I never knew there was such a thing
3. You teach your kids to do the "hook em horns" with their fingers. It is almost a natural movement for Aubrey's fingers now.
4. You start to say Y'all
5. Your kids know what a long horn looks like.

Last weekend we went a Longhorn preseason game. We are going to get season tickets this season so if anyone wants to come to a game just let us know!

Herd Ball

Aubrey started soccer last Saturday. All of the kids ran around in a herd kicking each other. It was pretty cute. Aubrey didn't that that it was very fun.
This is how she spent most of the game...having one of us hold her.
After we got her on the field she scowled at us most of the time to let us know that she was not happy about playing soccer. The ball rolled past her a couple of times and she didn't even try to kick it. We bribed her with a treat so hopefully she will like it more next time.

Thank you

Thank you everyone who called us, gave us treats and gifts, and emailed us for our birthday. Aubrey and I had a great birthday. She truly was the best birthday gift I have ever had.

A birthday would not be complete with out dress ups!