Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Everything that my husband cooks always turns out is getting to the end that is some times tricky. Well, this was true for Thanksgiving. Jeremy wanted to cook the and I was a little skeptical, but let him. He also wanted to play football in the morning so I told him that I would stay home and put the turkey in the oven. The recipe said to cook the turkey for 30 minutes at 500. So I put the turkey in and after about 10 minutes the house started to fill up with smoke. After another 5 minutes the fire alarm started to go off. While the fire alarm was going off Shera, who was coming over for dinner, called. I couldn't find the phone so I had to answer the speaker phone. So, in the background she hears the fire alarm going off and she asks if there is anything that I need her to get at the store. I am sure that she wanted to buy a pre-cooked turkey just in case. Well, we finally got the house cleared out and the fire alarm off. And Jeremy's turkey turned out wonderful. We hope that you had a happy and uneventful Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 23, 2007


Do you remember how fun it was to rake leaves? Well, I am learning that it is not so much fun when you are an adult. We spent hours last Saturday raking leaves only to have the lawn look about the same that evening. At least the kids had fun.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

After what seemed like a week of Trick or treating and two gallon size Ziploc bags full of candy we are finally done. Isaac would not put any candy in his bag, he insisted on holding every piece of candy. After a couple of house he would look in the candy basket and if they had something better he would trade them for one of the candies in his hand. Not sure it is the most efficient system, but when you are 18 months you have to fight for your candy. After we got home from trick or treating Aubrey spent the next 10 minutes running circles in our drive way yelling "To infinity and beyond." I think that she had a little to much candy. Here are some pictures of the kids. I think that the kids had the most fun having their Maryland Grandma here.