Monday, February 23, 2009

The Wikini

The other day on the way to preschool I had this conversation with Aubrey and Isaac
Aubrey: Mom, what are those swim suites that show your tummy?
Mom: Bikinis
Aubrey: Can I get a Wikini to play dress-up in at home
Mom: No. We are not going to buy any bikinis
Isaac: Mom, can I get a wikini for Optimu Prime?
Mom: No, Optimus prime does not need a bikini.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Air Force Bowl Game

On New Years Eve we drove up to Fort Worth to watch Air Force play in the bowl game. It was a disappointing ending, but we still had fun. We were able to see my Aunt and Uncle, our good friends the Schellhous' and the Johnson's. Aubrey thought that the best part was the cheerleaders. She got to meet them and get their autographs. Isaac liked the football players. Here are some pictures of the game. Notice Aubrey's fingers? She thinks that the "Hook em horns" is a common used symbol by all cheerleaders.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yes...we are still alive

I keep telling myself that I am going to do a better job of blogging after I am over my morning sickness or after I have the primary program written, or after I have everything done with my calling. Well, all of these excuses have come and gone and I am still doing a terrible job at blogging. So, the truth be know...I am not a very good blogger.

So, with that said I thought that I would keep you updated from the past 2 months. We stayed here for Thanksgiving and Jeremy's parents came into town. It was really fun to have them here. I especially loved the fact that I hardly had to cook for Thanksgiving.

We celebrate another Christmas in Texas. We went to our friends house to have dinner and act out the birth of Jesus. I got to be Mary this year thanks to my ever increasing stomach size. We have kept with the tradition of "Christmas Performances." In Jeremy's family you have to play or sing a Christmas song to "earn" a present on Christmas eve. Aubrey was disappointed that there was no stage.

Here are some pictures of our Christmas. If you are wondering Aubrey is sporting a lovely black eye that she kept for 4 weeks. Just when the first one went away she fell again and got another one. I am sure that people thought that I was a terrible mom.