Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hook 'em horns

A couple of weeks ago one of Jeremy's professors had tickets to the UT-Arkansas(sorry for those of you Arkansas fans, Matt) game that he gave to us. We went and had a blast. Here is my list of things that I have learned about UT football games.

1. You must wear burnt orange. I was surprised to see the diversity of burnt orange clothes. Who know that they made burnt orange tube top dresses?

2. If you sit in the student section, don't plan to actually sit for the whole game.

3. Don't bring your kids to the student section. We decided that we would go to a game first by ourselves and then take the kids later. We don't plan on taking our kids to a UT football game any time soon!

4. Everything is bigger in Texas. They were selling foot long corn dogs.

Here is a picture of Jeremy and I after sitting in the hot sun for 3 hours.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sharing a bedroom

Sleeping, or should I say the lack of, has been a big issue in our house since Aubrey was born. For about a year we have finally gotten our kids to sleep through the night. In May we decided to have them share rooms. For the last five months one of us has been laying on their floor until they go to sleep. So, we finally put a stop to that. We had family home evening and talk to them about it. We even went into the bedroom and had them practice. The whole FHE totally bombed. They didn't want to listen to any of it. We were pleasantly surprised to find them like this when we went to check on them.

It was one of those moments that makes you love being parents.