Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The results

We had our ultrasound yesterday and we are having a little boy. The baby looks healthy and quite active. Aubrey handled the news pretty well. Isaac said, "it's not a gill." I am not sure he really understands, he just knows that he won an argument with Aubrey.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Is she pregnant or has halloween been really good at the Pages house

It seems like every time we are around friends their eyes seem to drift to my ever increasing midsection. Everyone has been afraid to ask if I have been eating to much Halloween candy(which I probably have been doing) or if I am pregnant. We are expecting our third baby on the 10Th of April. Who knows maybe it will be the third one in our family to be born on April 3rd. We find out tomorrow what the gender of the baby is. Aubrey is convinced that it is going to be a little girl and I am afraid that there are going to be some tears if it is not. The kids have picked out some names. The list of names includes King Triton, Thomas, or Prince Charming if it is a boy and if it is a girl Aubrey wants it to be Ariel, Tinker Bell or Aurora.


Here are some pictures of the kids. Aubrey was Sleeping Beauty and Isaac was Buz lightyear. Every year we forget to buy "Texas" costumes. Isaac was like a wrestler in a sweat suit. Every time we went some where in his costume he always asked to take it off soon after. He was all sweaty after we took it off.